Homey 3D printed replacement housing

I follow this topic about adding external antenna’s to Homey for a while now and decided to order the antenna’s and try it, mainly to improve the z-wave range.

But I wouldn’t like to just drill some holes in my brand new Homey Pro.
So I just cloned the homey so you can 3D print the whole housing yourself!

Usefull for testing, replacing broken parts ar just make a really cool homey!

Check it out on Prusa’s Printables now! https://www.printables.com/model/8798-athom-homey-replacement-housing
Still work in progress for the antenna part, but it would work already as-is :slight_smile:

In the picture you see a Homey, Homey Clone and Homey Pro next to each other.


Tried ro print the ring with PETG but its one stringy mess😅 any advise on your print settings? Broke my ring while opening up homey😑

The model of the ring isn’t that complicated. Did not use any special settings for the ring. Printed in PLA though.

Don’t know how your printer handles PETG overall? Changing temps or speed might help. Or you might want to try PLA instead. Can’t really troubleshoot your printer right :wink: