Homey bridge loses internet connection

My homey bridge loses internet connection very often. Is this normal?

I don’t seem to have internet issues, because everything else is working normally. I’ve a 1gbit fiber connection, so speed shouldn’t also be an issue.

Not normal behaviour ofcourse, but it’s already a known issue.

You can find this via the app …More>Beta feedback and hit “Provide Feedback”

And, I just noticed, this is very weird imho:

Here the same! Homey next to my fritz box with 1gb internet and disconnects several times per day.
With this kind of behaviour it will stay a Beta device for ever. Have it for almost a year now and didnt see any updates. Im looking for an alternative.

Doesn’t sound that promising for my Homey Bridge arriving tomorrow…;(

Here’s some hints and tricks concerning your wifi setup and the bridge. It might help

That is just stupid. I’m trying to improve not go backwards in time. Normally you want just better and quicker, but you state to go slower and move over to old technology.

By the way I’ve setup different network names for 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. The homey bridge is in direct line of sight with the WiFi router.

The disconnect in seconds seems reasonable, but I currently experiencing 5 to 30 minutes of disconnect and that 20x a day.

Send it back and order the pro :see_no_evil:

I guess most of us do, but Homey (& Pro) uses a very basic wifi module, which ‘gets confused’ by todays wifi technology.
And Homey is not the only affected IoT 2.4GHz device

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No I don’t have a mesh setup. I’ve multiple AP, but they are connected through a cat6 network.

I’ve other Iot device, but only the homey bridge has connection issues.

Hi all, solved the issue by removing the standard delivered modem/router and replacing it with a Ubiquiti Edgerouter X (€ 60,-). Faster and more stable internet. I’ve my own wireless access points so there was no need for Wifi in the router.

By the way tested other wifi routers, but they all didn’t do what I wanted or where to pricy for the functionality they offered. For instance I’ve tried a Fritzbox, but for a little bit more you can get a Ubiquiti Dream Router with all the enterprise functionality instead of phone functionality that nobody uses anymore.