Homey Bridge keeps dropping in and out

I just bought a bridge and connect to my home wifit. It is literally 3 feet away from my main wifi router (part of mesh network). Everything in the vicinity works fine, except the Bridge

By the way, does Homey has a helpdesk? I cannot find the contact details on their web. I email info@homey.app for 3 days but heard nothing back, no bounce back, no acknowledgement, no ticket number. Do they have any customer service at all ?


But how on earth does @robertklep find it, but you can’t?

It is really not very hard imho…

  1. Try the …More icon :wink:

    (Note the ‘Beta feedback’ entry as well)

  2. Enter support in the search bar

Peek 2022-11-04 14-56

  1. Enter support Homey in a search engine:

very simple , I am not as bright as you are.

I also expect the support details are in the Web site of the Homey.app. May be just my naive way of thinking. Not everyone thinks like Steven Jobs - keeping things as simple as possible for the end users.

thanks @robertklep , this is helpful

There’s a Support link in the footer of every page:

correct, I looked at that already. This is how it looks

I even searched the knowledge base but did not find out how to contact support team ,

there is however one card about Customer Service at the very bottom of the page.

there is still no mention of contact details , until someone click into the card.

Again, I recognize that not every company has a leader that thinks like Steve Jobs who wanted to make things easier for the end users. Homey.app went to great length to keep the customer service contact details a well kept secret :grin:

That’s true, and IMO by design.