Homey bridge deleting zigbee devices doesn't work,but homey pro did

homey bridge deleting zigbee devices doesn’t work,but homey pro did

The homey bridge has a chance of being successful off-grid, but most of the time it fails.

There is no way to be 100% successful.Using homey-zigbeedriver

Sorry, I have no clue what you are asking or want to know.
Can’t you use deepl.com or similar to translate the questions in your own language into English?

I have a zigbee device that has been added to the homey bridge, now I want to delete it, in homey it shows that the deletion was successful, but in reality my device did not go off-grid successfully, in homey pro this problem does not occur.

Okay, but where can you see the device is not offline or still in the mesh network?
Just curious.

A way to delete ‘ghost’ devices:
Search for the device here:

When it’s listed, delete it by pressing the bin icon on the right

is to remove a zigbee device from the device list. Normally the device will also go offline. However, you can see in the device display that the device did not go offline successfully. But the device has disappeared from the homey bridge. This only happens in the homey bridge. In homey Pro it is normal.