Homey Bridge blinking blue

My Homey Bridge is blinking blue.
All Zwave/Zigbee devices are not connected without surprise.
The bridge isn’t anymore connected to WIFI network.
I tried to readd it by the + button on devices, but it’s stop with this message : Duplicate Device Data.

If I remove the bridge, I lost forever connection to my devices (Zigbee Zwave) ?

Do you know a solution ?

The support will not respond until… 3 weeks !!
It’s not a support…


I respond to myself :
Support respond quickly and this is :

A blue pulsating LED-ring means that Homey Bridge is ready for setup. I think your Homey Bridge has been disconnected from your Homey, and you have to add the device to your Homey again.

Could you please open the Devices screen in the Homey app? Can you please check if there’s a device tile for Homey Bridge?

If Homey Bridge has a device tile there, could you please remove Homey Bridge from your Homey? To do so, long-press on the device tile, select the gear icon (top-right of the screen) and remove the device.

If there’s no device tile of Homey Bridge in the Devices screen, or if you just removed your Homey Bridge as requested, please add Homey Bridge to your Homey again. To do so, please open the Devices screen in the Homey app and select “+” (top right of the screen) to add a new device. When bluetooth is enabled on your phone, Homey Bridge will automatically be recognised as a new device which can ve added to your Homey.

Flows with Homey (ring) are to make again only :slight_smile:

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Glad you got the quick Athom support help.

But I still wanted to respond in 3 minutes about:

Sorry, that’s just not what they communicate, but several others seem to read it that way as well.

They say expect the response time to be 2 to 3 weeks. And also they say they do anything to help you sooner.