Homey Bridge - Adding Amazon devices

I am hoping that I am missing the obvious here.

The Homey Bridge appears to have no support for any Amazon devices such as Echo, Dot and Show or plugs. Also, apart from the Ring doorbell all their other devices are not supported?
This means I can’t make any announcements, control amazon plugs or detect any Ring sensors?
So basically, at the moment my Homey bridge is a very expensive drinks mat.

Any advice would be welcome.

None of those devices would need the Bridge anyway, since the bridge cannot control WiFi devices.

Buy a Homey Pro :man_shrugging:t3:

Well that is not obvious since the main page says it supports WiFi !!!
Extend with Homey Bridge for wireless connectivity.
WiFi, Zigbee Z-Wave, Bluetooth, 433MHz, Inferred

My original reason for buying was to reduce the need to buy a hub from every brand and have one hub/bridge to rule them all. The other reason was I like the Flows which seem pretty powerful. but if all WiFi based devices are not supported then I am wasting my time.

The impression from the sales blurb is that the Pro is one off payment and the bridge is cheaper but come with a subscription. This appears to be not the case.

I know :frowning:

WiFi devices that have to be controlled locally are not supported, only devices that have a cloud-based API (like Philips Hue) and then only a limited amount of brands and sometimes (like Philips Hue again) with severe limitations. For devices that are controlled via a cloud-based API you don’t need the Bridge.

Not at all. At the bottom of this page you can see the differences between Homey Cloud/Bridge and Homey Pro.

Thank you for the reply.

I can still return it to Amazon ( that’s funny) and get my money back.
I just can’t justify this bridge with those limitations and the Homey Pro is just too expensive for the additional benefits I would get at this point.

I have Aqara and SwitchBot Hubs and devices. I’ll just try and stick to those product ranges for now.

It can use a cloud-2-cloud connection like Robert wrote already.
Did you see / tried this integration?
(No clue if it supports Echo, Dot and Show or plugs)…

You’re not alone, but I’ve noticed some of the wifi information is adjusted.
But I can imagine anyone assumes any “smart home hub” should be able to connect at least with wifi devices…