Amazon echo spot sync with homey

Hi there !
I’m totaly noob on homey yet and i tried to sync my old amazon echo spot… and failed.

So, as a good noob i followed the steps as mentionned on the dedicated guide:
Login in amazon app -> success
Download the homey skill -> well done
Lync with m’y homey account -> amazing !
Detect any device from homey -> NOTHING !

That last step makes me crazy as it detects nothing, so i’m begging You for help. Please
What i did wrong ?
Is the amazon echo SPOT device uncompatible ?

Let me know if you Have any clue.
I precise that i’ve got Only few devices on homey yet: somfy curtains and a samsung tv (with the right apps). My devices are functionnal with homey.

Thx in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Am I the only one in that situation?
Any clue would be appreciated, or anything to try :thinking:

Thx again

Have you figured it out?

Add the skill to alexa, as well as connect from the Homey app to alexa, I have nothing to back this up but it took a day for it to come through (super odd I know).