Homey App to control SIMU LiveIn roller shutters (radio controlled)

Is there a way to get an extension for Homes to control SIMU roller shutters radio controlled?


LiveIn uses the 433 frequency band…

You could try another roller shutter app like but i really think you need a app made for them. So if you have the skills you can do it by yourself. Or you can make a request to the community here

People with Simu controls, try Somfy RTS app. For me this works like a charm.

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How did you do that? I have tried it with the remote control from SIMU but it did’nt work.

Simu is a subsidiary company of Somfy. If you have radio controlled SIMU motors, take the RTS Somfy application.

Yes I know.
Carsten already mentioned this in the topic-startpost.

I already find out.
There is a difference between the Homey App on iPad and on a laptop.
In the iPad-app I didn’t see the “Program-button” for the SIMU or Somfy remote control. After a few hours I came up on the idea to trie it on a laptop. And that was the tric!!! :smiley:
In just 1 minute I had one screen working in Homey.

perfect, another Homey bug (unfortunately) and this time on IOS !!

Seen this before in other apps: the button is probably there outside the view, if you scroll you will probably find it.

Hello, I allow myself to intervene, I have Simu BHz shutters (not equivalent Tomfy RTS) which are well managed. My remote control corresponds rather to Simu BHz which, from what I understand, is the equivalent of Somfy IO and therefore not supported by Homey.