Homey App on ipad mini 4


I have mounted an ipad mini 4 on the wall with the homey app in the living room.
It always wakes up with a push notification and a motion sensor when you get close - The „demo mode“ shows directly the homey app without pin.

At the beginning i did it with the apple homekit app but now i switched to the homey app.
But the homey app always gets slower and i habe to restart the app. I didn‘t had the problem wirh homekit.

Anybody else has the same experience?

Br mario

Interesting. I also have an mini iPad 4 and in the past 1-2 weeks the Homey app got really slow at times. Trying to figure out why. It works perfect on my ancient iPad 2.
I have installed the app from the Test Flight. May I ask you if the same? Or have you got the one from the App Store?

I installed the official one from the app store.

Wild guess: a bug in the app :wink: I guess it was never tested to run long term by Athom. Might be worth submitting a support request for.


Why not using Homey Dash instead of Homey app?
You can leave Homey Dash on without any issues.

We have 4 ipads, in every room is one iPad mounted to the wall, all of them running Homey Dash.


I used homey dash before but with homey dash the screen is always on, thats why I switched to the app.
You can dimm the screen to 0 but its always on. Or have you found an other solution with homey dash?

No i dont. But i really cant care if the screen is on all the time. :smiley:
We dimm it indeed to 0, so the backlight is a lot less.

Which background do you use?
Do you have a link for a nice background?

I made a support request for this topic and will keep you up to date.

This is pretty legit. I might consider. I’m assuming we have to supply our own iPad mini? This is something pretty unique.

How to find the app on store?