Homey App crashes when using Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon' App

Dear All and @Adrian_Rockall

(newbie here; just have my Homey installation for a week; so please be gentle :wink: )

I just installed the ‘Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon’ app to control my Sunea blinds. This all works in the Somfy app (provided by Somfy) and it is also possible to add the ‘Horizontal outside shade’ from the device list in Homey.

But after installation all goes bad; non of my devices in the device-tab the are visible anymore (it is just a black screen) and the only way to use the app again is to manually kill the app and restart. The only way I can see any of my devices again is to go the Web app and delete the Sunea blinds. After this all is back to normal.

I have already performed the following actions; Remove and reinstall Homey app, Remove and reinstall ‘Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon’ app; but every time I add the blinds the whole Homey app freezes.

Any suggestions?

Homey model: Homey Pro (early 2019)
Homey version: 7.1.3-rc.8
Homey App version:
Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon’ App version: 2.1.71

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Could be related to running an experimental firmware version.

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Thanks Robert. I thought about that as well. But how can I revert/roll back to previous version?

Can you see all the devices in the web app?

Can you restart Homey to see if that fixes the blackout?

Could you go to:
Then select the Tahoma app, go to the Log tab and send the log.

Hi Adrian,

In the web-app all was visible; also on ‘home screen’ in the web app the Sunea was visible. But when I put the Sunea on the home screen, the home-screen was also completely ‘black’ and the Homey app was frozen.

I now removed the device and all works again; but if I add the Sunea again; all crashes again. Please note that I have RC installed of Homey; unfortunately I can’t roll bank.

Below the only log I could find right now;

Have you tried to reboot Homey?


Hi Adrian,

If have created a screen recording to show you what happens.

When adding an IO device using the Somfy app on Homey on iPhone the device is found and functions right away.

If the app is closed and opened again the whole screen turns ‘black’ when the devices tab is openend. Only way to continue is to kill the app. If app is reopened, all tabs in app work, but once devices tab is selected the app freezes again.

The web app still functions well and device is visible over there. If I mark the added somfy device as ‘favorite’ and open the iPhone app; the home screen where the favorite devices are listed, now also turns ‘black’ and iPhone app is unusable.

Please use full screen to see what happens;



Thank you for the detailed explanation. I have asked Athom for help on this as I have no idea how to diagnose it.
I have never seen anything like it before and I have no idea how a device could do that.
Thanks for your patience and I hope Athom can guide us to a solution.

Given that I’m getting strange crash reports on some of my apps from users running 7.1.3-rc.8 I’m inclined to blame the firmware.

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Could you open the app configuration (More > Apps > Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon > Configure App) then select the Device Log tab, then click on Get Log and then on Send Log. I can then add a simulation of the device to my Homey (it does not add the real device as there is data that I don’t log plus I can’t log into your account so no need to worry about security).