Homey and Lora

Lora is a long range IoT setup useful for high distance (several Km), low power, low bandwith sensors/actuators

Low power means the nodes can work months over the same battery
Low bandwith means signals from/to nodes cannot be very fast changing

It connects to the internet through a gateway which locally sends/receives at a frequency of 868MHz in EU
Also Homey can communicate at this same frequency


  • Can Homey work as a Lora gateway and connect to the broad range of sensors/actuators available within such IoT frame?
  • Can such nodes be interfaced within the Homey cloud system?
  • Is Homey long distance/low bandwith capable or can it be strictly used as a domestic system?


Homey doesn’t support the LoRa protocol. Theoretically speaking, it could act as a gateway if you were able to interface a LoRaWAN concentrator with Homey (get the LoRa data frames from a concentrator board to Homey) and implement a gateway app, but in practise I don’t see why you would want to (might as well run existing software on an RPi).

Homey doesn’t support any LPWAN protocols (LoRa, Sigfix, NB-IoT), it is strictly a domestic system.