Imagine to control your smart home from 20KM away using WiFi :) check this out!

Just don’t expect WiFi-speeds :wink:

I saw but we don’t need a speed in smart home :slight_smile: this is nice…

I can control my homey already from 20.000km away (farther is almost impossible) :thinking: no need for LoRa for this

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Via cloud Yes, but with your own intranet no!

Don’t need a cloud to remotely control your homey 20.000km away. 2G, 3G or 4G and VPN is enough :slight_smile:

But for places without 2g, 3g or 4g then LoRa can help

LoRa is low power and large range but low bandwidth. Wifi is short range, high bandwidth but not so low power. (although you have Ubiquiti PowerBeam and the like that is wifi, but in one point of direction for over 10 km. A friend is using that to his satisfaction. Maybe a tip if you life in a rural area… )

Have been planning to fiddle with a connection to agricultural land, where there is no power grid and use LoRa for that. So I can measure soil humidity and so on and send it back home.

Yeah, LoRa is great for sensor data, but it’s mostly meant for sporadic data transmissions, not continuous (as opposed to WiFi). And bi-directionality (a LoRa node receiving data) can be an issue as well.

@Senad_Aruc I would suggest make an app which connects to TheThingsNetwork (

Maybe you already can do it the other way around:
create your TTN solution application, use IFTTT or HTTP Integration of TTN application solutions.
with the HTTP Integration you could talk to Homey’s webAPI or use the webHook functionality.

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