Homewizard no devices shown

Hi Community,

I’m new to Homey. I would like to remove my Homewizard. To do this I thought it might be a good idea to start with the Homewizard app and then link my devices step by step.

However, the Homewizard app is not working as expected:
I can install the app (beta & non beta) connect to my Homewizard by IP# and password but it only shows me the Homewizard as device. Why can’t I see my lamps, plugs and so on?

In the flow definitions I can select presets or scene. So there must be a link.
Any idea why I don’t see any device?



At the app pages you can see exactly whats possible with the app

On the devices pages, you will only see the HomeWizard tile after installation.
To install the attached devices: On the device page click the + to add a new device, select Homewizard and the you will see the devices from HomeWizard that you can add as a device.