Homewizard dashboard in Homey

I’m new to Homey and busy to move my devices from my HomeWizard.

What I really like about HomeWizard is the dashboard on the iPad or IPhone. You can very easily see your energy consumption but also temp etc. etc.

Is this available in Homey?

As far as I am aware Athom have never stated that they would create a dashboard. And until they are giving out api keys its not really possible for anyone else to create one and distribute it.

They have mentioned (recently) that there will be a tablet app.

Some people are using MQTT to import their devices into Home Assistant or OpenHab which they they use as dashboards.

You can read more about it here :

@HarriedeGroot and @xAPPO are the experts :slight_smile: And make sure you check out @Ferry_van_E tutorial if you interested.

Late response, but if you are on iOS, you can install the HomeKit app on your homey and use the home app of iOS as a dashboard.