Hombli Smarthome Products

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knows a way or app to integrate Hombli Smarthome products into Homey?

See for the devices and more information: https://www.hombli.com/nl/ Seems to be part of a bigger company Avanca International

It looks like they work with the Tuya protocol for communication - not sure if this applies to the cameras / doorbell.

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ask them?(Hombli)
on the website you are refering to,

Draait op het veilige Tuya Smart IoT platform

Says it cannot be linked to Homey:

Any experience from people using the Hombli smart plug via Tuya Cloud app?

Is there anyone who integrated Hombli products already with Homey?

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The mobile app looks exactly like the Tuya smart app, so, it’s a Tuya rebrand for sure.
I’m expect it should work fine with the Tuya Cloud app on Homey, when you pair the Hombli devices with the Tuya Smart app

Note: Tuya Cloud app isn’t maintained anylonger, since last Januari. It needs a new maintainer/developer

I am also waiting for an answer!

Reading is smarter then waiting? :upside_down_face::blush:

Hi Tim and Jos,

To answer your question: I have integrated a Hombli Panel Heater on Homey 2023.

Just like @Peter_Kawa wrote: to pair it, you can use the Tuya Smart app.
Or the Smart Life app, in my case (on iPhone).

Then I installed the Tuya cloud app on Homey 2023 and added the panel heater to Homey.
Now I can use it in my flows.


I can not find the Tuya cloud app. Braucht es dafür zwingend homey pro?