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Holland halloween 2021

although i find halloween a little weird - to scare kids… i could not resist.

my eufy doorcam triggers a flow;
start stroboscopes (smart plug)
start soundprint (very old Velleman kit recording 15 seconds , playback by contact. contact made my relay on a smart plug)
delayed by 10 second : switch foil of the frontdoor to transpartant; i have a “LCD foil” on the windows, with is milky frost without power, and transparant when 70 VAC applied)
delayed by 10 second; power on blue lamp in hallway - to light the “spook”
after 20 seconds ; all off. .
behind the door a small projector with a USB stick makes the spiders crawl on the lower window.

the soundprint was attached to a mackie SRM350 powered speaker; very loud.