Høiax Connected smart water heaters

Hi, just got my new HP 23. I have installed a new Høiax Titanium 300L connected to a Retrofit Universal. Got this error message in Homey.

As far as I can see from previous posts it has been addressed before and fixed?
Wifi coverage is good.

Running app 1.7.22 and MyUplink 1.27 (1496)
Created an diagnostic report and sent it.

Hi, normally this is just a case of myUplink being out of reach for a limited time.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a HP23, so I have not been able to test how well this app works on that device, but I hope there is no unexpected behavior. If the problem does not resolve then probably I might have to get such a device because currently, I have no other clues on how to resolve this than to wait for a connection to myUplink to be established.

Did it resolve by itself? / Does it help to restart the app? / Does it help to select the cogwheel+maintenance+try to repair?

Well, it doesn’t work at all. It looks like it connecting and the temperature wheel is showing, but after a few seconds it disappear and the picture I sent i previous post is showing. I have tried to “repair” it and reinstall the app. Nothing seems to fix the problem. It has been like this for 2 days now so I don’t think it will fix itself.

The testing you have performed is with the “old” Homey? Is there any difference interface wise on the Retrofit Universal box compared with the integrated Connected Heater?

Yes, the 2019 version.

The interface with myUplink is the same for both type of devices. The only difference should be that the tank volume and heater elements should return different values. I use these to detect which type of device it is (connected 200 / connected 300 / …)
It could be that there is a bug in this detection mechanism… I will take a closer look…