Hive now not supported

Hi All
When I first got my Homey, one prime reason was it was compatible with my Hive heating system.
I have a 2 zone system, 1 downstairs thermostat and 1 upstairs. Right from the beginning homey was never able to detect 2 thermostats and I think the app developer was not willing to fix this.
Now there is no Hive app for homey at all and I wondered as homey is compatible with Alexa and Alexa can control homey if anyone had made flows to make homey work with Hive in this way or any other suggestions that would get Homey working with Hive again.

I don’t have experience with Alexa but I do see Hive has IFTTT support.
Homey also has IFTTT support.
Perhaps you can connect the 2 together that way.