Hikvision DSKB6003WIP

Hello team Homey

I had finally decided to buy Homey but I couldn’t find anything about hikvison video camera door in Flows
this my question:
Is that homey is compatible with hikvision door bel :DSKB6003WIP


I’m also looking into this wifi doorbell as I already have 4 hikvision camera’s.
I know that the doorbell integrates with the NVR, but will homey work with this doorbell?

integration with Homey would be nice for adding chime support, other types of flows,…

And dit you find out its working?
Iv have the doorbell a few jears installed
But not working eith home or google hub.
It can stream a urk on vlc player but nit on the g. Hub?

And that would be a RTSP urk?

There is just too much information on the topic. But it is all in Dutch somehow…

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And that’s where Lubbert comes in!

Hi Rocco
yes thats is an RTSP url it works fine on the pc in VLC player/