Hifi-Speaker cable on/off switch?

I am looking for a solution for my hifi set. I have an amplifier with 2 output channels for connecting 2 x 2 front speakers. I have 2 speakers in my living room on speaker channel A and 2 speakers in the kitchen on speaker channel B. However, the amplifier can do a lot, but it can’t receive a IR or Network command to switch channels A and B on or off. You physically have to press a button on the amplifier.

Is there a simple and affordable switch than I can put in-between a stereo speaker cable to let the music go through (on / off)?

I can then tell Homey to turn the music on in the kitchen, for which Homey will then turn this switch on, that is connected to speaker-cable and linked to the channel B on the amplifier (and the amplifier will always output to channel A and B ; the switch will decide if the music is let through the cable or not).

You could look at the Shelly-1, that can switch potential free. But for stereo speaker set you would need 2 of those.
On the other hand, letting the amplifier play with no speakers to an output connected doesn’t seem to be very good for that device. But i am no expert on audio amplifiers so i could be wrong.

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