How to wire 4 Pole switch with shelly 1

hello every body,
i need to know if i can wire shelly 1 with 4 pole switch to get remote my music mixer.
thank you

That’s actually a two-pole switch, which connects, when switched on, each terminal on the O side with the opposite terminal on the I side. Basically two switches in one, usually used to switch both the Live and Neutral wires of a device simultaneously.

But it’s unclear what you want to do with it (“to get remote my music mixer”?).

Thank you for the answer
I have a Powermixer wich is normally with this kind of 2 pole switch and I would like to find out how to get powering it wired to Shelly device so I could power it from Switcher or my phone.
I hope you understand what I mean.
Best regards

Why not use a smart power socket instead?

I had thought about it, unfortunately i need always my phone to turn it on. I know it s crazy but my idea is to start the Powermixer with two different ways for example: turn off from switch and turn it on from phone.

There are smart power sockets with buttons on them (for example the Shelly Plug S), so you can turn them on with the button on the switch and from your phone.

Adding a Shelly 1 to your device isn’t trivial, and you can’t replace a two-pole switch with a single Shelly 1 and maintain the same electrical separation, since the Shelly 1 only has one relay.

Good so I will use finally a smart socket as you described.
Thank you