Help With INNR devices

Can anyone help? I’m having problems with INNR devices I have 2 SP222 sockets and 2 E14 lamps (RB245) all on a Homeypro 2023 Zigbee Network. I have another 30 devices on the network none of those have any problems whatsoever and function really well. The INNR lamps for some reason turn on randomly throughout the day. I have checked and there are no flows or any logic that is controlling them they are just randomly switching on. The SP222 sockets every two or three weeks drop out from the network and I have to re-add them manually using the Homey maintenance function and try to repair, putting the SP222 into search mode by pressing button on top for 5 secs.
Any thoughts what could be happening or is this just a problem with INNR devices?

I can’t say anything about the lamps. But the fact that the smart plugs sometimes leave the network could be due to a bug in the firmware. If firmware version v11.0.0 is installed, you can try installing the experimental firmware v11.0.1-rc.2, this may solve the problem. But at your own risk.

Check out the changelog for more information: Homey Pro (Early 2023) Changelog | Homey