Help with a flow for Robb smart wireless 2 button switch

I have a few of these: ROBB Smarrt Wireless Switch White 2 Button Zigbee

What I would like them to do is:

  • Set a scene based on the time of day that they are turned on with the “On” button
    e.g., bright during the day 8AM - 8PM; Dim from 8PM - 10PM; Nightlight from 10PM - 8AM

  • Dim from current level when you hold “Off”

  • Brighten from current level when you hold “On”

Right now I can only find a solution that dims a fixed percent down and you have to constantly release and hold again to keep dimming. Would like to just hold down to dim/brighten depending on the lights current state.

EDIT: Just came across the following: Homey Community Store

Was wondering if this is something I might want to add?

[Shared Flow | Homey]
[Shared Flow | Homey]
[Shared Flow | Homey]
[Shared Flow | Homey]

This is the way i dim the lights with the same switch. hopefully this will help.


Thanks for the idea! Will check this one out.