Help! Trouble adding a new user

Hi. I’m New to Homey and are trying to add a new user, but I always end up with this message:

“The given user is already a user of this Homey”

Under “Settings” and “Users” the status is still Waiting for confirmation

H E L P ! ! !

In your current browser you are probably already logged in with your first account.

For the New user:

  1. Invite the new user (different e-mail)
  2. Signup for the new user at: with that e-mail address
  3. Get a Confirmation Email and klik the link for that user (other browser or incognito window)
  4. Klik on the link in the e-mail from step 1 (Accept invitation)

As stays logged on you could use fe an incognito window in Chrome for the second account

Doesnt work for me. Done the whole procedure 4 times.
Still says “waiting for confirmation” and the user is unautorized when trying to log in.

When clicking on the link in email the " is already a user of this homey" shows.

I cant believe a such simple task should be that much of a hazzle.

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did you ever find a solution?

Created new email so yes.


An that didn’t do it for me :frowning:

What do you exactly wanna do?
Are you trying to create an account for yourself or are you trying to to add a 2nd user, eg your partner, to let him access the functionalities in Homey??

add my partner

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Are you using the beta version of v2 or still on v1?
In v1 you can see in the Developer Web App if you’re partner is already registered on the device.
If the app says the user is registered already, try to recover by going via „lost password“

On the new v2 Beta I unfortunately won’t know yet how to add.

I send an invitation to my girlfriend, she clicked on the link to be added. She created an athom but her status is ’ waiting for confirmation ’

When loggin into the homey app she can see the Homey but she can’t access devices. It just takes her to a white spinning wheel.

What is going wrong here?

I guess I am the only one with this problem

I have this problem too. Tried to add my wife, she got a link and created an account but still waiting for confirmation

Edit: Here’s a bit more about what may have happened:

I invited my wife to the homey
She clicked the link in the email and followed the registration process
At the end of the registration she was not presented with the possibility to confirm the invite on her account.
We got confused (not knowing there was an accept step that we weren’t presented with)
I removed her account from our homey and tried to add her again… no new invite emails were sent by homey.
If we try to accept the original invite it gives a message saying “The given user is already a user of this homey”… but of course the original user invite was removed.

Please specify if this is Homey 1.5.x or the Experimental 2.0 as this differs how to do it.

First create an account and check the verification email. If the account is active Invite the new user and click on the link from the email (of other tool like WhatApp when using 2.0 ! ) while the new user is singed in…
(at least be sure not the owner is already signed in!)

for 1.5.x just re-send an invite or contact Support…


I is 1.5.13. I have followed the following steps:

Add user. User receives email and clicks on link. Link takes user to their profile where they accept the invitation which results in a message : The given user is already a user of this Homey

Yet the user is still pending


Okay I am in the Dev Web App, where exactly should I find my partner’s registration?

Afaik it should be in the section of My account.
I tried to look it up but it doesn’t work at my place right now.

If that doesn’t, you may delete the user in the App.

Sorry. I’m also on 1.5.13

Resending he invite does not result in any new email being sent.

Accepting the original invite results in “The given user is already a user of this Homey”

I have looked around in the dev Web app and can’t dind anything about users. Only my account… Which unsurprisingly only concerns my account… Not my wife’s or connected accounts of my homey

I am having problems as well. I am using the 2.0. I send an invite to my wife. She gets it clicks the link and goes to the app. It asks her to set up a new homey…

Can someone simply explain how to do this? I am far from computer illiterate but this is driving me mad!

Thanks, Mark

She needs her own Athom account, sign up for an Athom account here
And log in on here mobile with her account. At that moment she doesn’t have Homey’s yet.

Then when you invite her with a “magic link” from the 2.0 app and she accepted by clicking the link she is added with her own account ( email) to your Homey

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Thanks for the quick reply. She has an account and she clicked on the link. It shows on my homey app that she is now connected but in her app all she has is “buy homey” or “setup homey”…