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Help to create a Flow for when my dog make his toilet!

Hey! I’m a beginner of how to make a Flows, maybe there is someone who can help me. I have mounted a floodlight (via a z-wave plug) on ​​the façade which would be controled by a z-wave motion guard, however, I need to turn the function off (15-30 minutes) when I release the dog to make his toilet, I thought that a button on a z-wave remote control was pressed down and disable the light (or motion gard) with a timer function.

2 flows;

Flow 1

When button pressed then disable flow floodlight and start counter (countdown app).

Flow 2

when countdown timer reaches 0 then enable floodlight flow

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Why not

if pressed disable and enable after 15/30 minutes. Then you don’t need the countdown app and only have one flow.

Is my way the wrong way?

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this might work but remember that there is no way to reset the timer after triggered. What I mean to say is that, if the dog needs additional time outside, you could press the button whilst the initial timer is still running but it won’t restart it and the flow is enabled anyway after the first button press finished it’s timer. So I short; you cannot extend the time, only set another timer.

Hence I am not a big fan of this option.

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Thanks for the extra info. :+1:

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