Help on Z-Wave Nodes sequence behaviour

Currently i am struggling with my NEO Coolcam PIR V2’s. I have PIR’s installed, 1 on the 2nd floor and 1 in the kitchen (ground level). Always seamlessly performing until 2 weeks ago.

During a birthday party i assume the PIR in the kitchen somehow freaked out (because of people continuously moving around in the kitchen) and was left with a dead battery at the end of the day. Yesterday i’ve received my new batteries but the Kitchen PIR is acting strange. It keeps seeing motion continuously while nobody is in the kitchen.

I already removed the PIR Kitchen, which initially works but somehow (i guess) a new routing is created which screws up the performance of my PIR Kitchen which keeps seeing motion the whole time. I noticed a difference in the routing sequence. 1-25 (Homey and PIR Kitchen) works great. After a while the routing changes into 1-10-25 (Homey, Fibaro Roller Shutter in the kitchen and PIR Kitchen) and my PIR Kitchen doesn’t stop seeing motion.

With a heal on 25 the routing changes back to 1-25 but after a while changes again to 1-10-25

  • How can i change the sequence? 10 (Fibaro) was initially the last item i have bought and added to the network long before the birthday. Do i need to reset my Z-wave network and add every item in the same sequence as in the beginning? Unfortunately i do not know how the initial Z-Wave routing looked like since i ran into the developer overview during this issue
  • How bad is the difference in numbers (1,7,10, 19 and 25)?

This is driving me nuts. What i can tell from other topics this emotion is a common side-effect :rofl::sweat_smile:

just a side note, its not showing your mesh, its showing the routing thats something different :wink:

I’ve just reset my Z-wave network. Initially i could not add any PIR so additionally performed an extra uninstall in settings menu. I’ve checked the Nodes overview and it was cleared.

Just added 2 PIR V2’s and will monitor the next couple of days.

think its not a bad idea to place some more routers, to get a good working mesh network to the whole house.

If you only add 2 pir’s (i assume battery powered) there will be no mesh. That only occurs when you have powered devices that are capable to act as a router and capable of building a mesh.

Thanks for the info. I first would like to test the behaviour of my PIR’s. Since the birthday party and the PIR Kitchen battery went dead everything went south from that moment on :man_shrugging:t4:

After a couple of days testing it seems that the Zwave reset has been helpfull.

My PIR Kitchen has returned to normal behaviour

Sorry to ask, but how do you “reset” your Z-Wave network? I would like to do it also… Thanks!

In homey app, go to config then z-wave. You have the option at the bottom of the screen.

Ok thank you! I saw that, but will the Z-Wave network “rebuilt himsel” alone automatically, or I’ll have to include everything again?

If you reset it that way, everything is lost and all devices have to be re-added. Best is then to first reset them according to their own factory rest procedures so the are all “clean”.

Ok thank you! So I’ll definitely not do that :stuck_out_tongue: