Help needed with a Multisensor 6 for light during showering

My personal solution to this problem was to place an Amazon Echo, in my bathroom.

Yes I know it sound weird, but when you think about it, a bathroom is the best place in the house to have hands free voice command /weather / traffic / calendar / music - and (in my case) the ability to turn on the bathroom fan once someone is in the shower and has forgotten. But the same applies to a light.

yes this works.

I added door sensor so light will only turn off when door is closed. I’m assuming you have habit of closing the door.

I have a similar setup, but my motion detector does not cover the entire bathroom… so that causes my problem.
The Multsensor 6 reports every 5 minutes.
Have a couple of flows:

  1. Motion detected, switch all lights on
  2. If no motion for 10 minutes, Motion detector will switch to off, switch off all lights
  3. Humidity over x %, turn ventilation and mirror heating on
  4. Humidity under x %, turn ventilation and mirror heating off

Better to switch fan on a humidity sensor

It’s a hard situation, the bathroom.
What if u walk in, taking a leak and go outside?
The light will stay on for 10 minutes. We don’t want that.
What if u sit down on the toilet and stay there for a while?
Lights will go off.
So we need presence detection!

The wasp in a box -> doorsensor ftw!

How about one sensor in the bathroom and one on the outside.

The light cant go off unless there has been movement on the outside.
(activate a boolean tag when you detect movement in the bathroom and deactivate the tag when there is movement on the outside).

You also cant turn off the light when the humidity is over a set percentage (detect shower).

Also you need a minute or two to detect new motion on the bathroom if someone else moves outside the door and the humidity is too low for that flow to activate.

It sounds better in my thoughts, I’m not that good at getting the thoughts out …

The more complicated you make things the simpler it is for them to break, ie someone walks by the bathroom while someone is in the shower.

But your on the right track, ie the use of Bayesian Probability. Take lots of input and determine the probability of something being true. While this is used generally to determine whether someone is ‘at home’, the same theory applies to whether someone is in the shower. Its pretty commonly used in HASS setups, and the same theory applies.

You are right about making it too complicated.
But the shower problem is solved with the humidity sensor (+ the timer for the humidity to rise).

That problem was solved by @cbh long time ago… :joy:

An updated guide will arrive soon :wink:

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This is good i never thought to use the humidity changing as way for it to reset the counter , My sensor can cover my whole bathroom but it is set that when its between a certain time for showering to have the light on 100% and then outside of this for a soft light when going to the toilet,

But sometimes i can be having a shower and the timer is set for 10 mins with the idea that when the motion is trigger! again it will reset the timer but this is not always the case
Here is my sensor settings do you see anything wrong with this i was never sure on what the recommended settings are for this device is this very different from anyone elses ? there is also the Wake-up Interval set to 600 seconds

This is my flow

Thanks Guys!

Hi guys I’m new to this so apologies for any stupid questions. I have a Aeotec multisensor 6 and Homey. I worked out that the multisensor 6 is greatly restricted for measuring humidity, light etc unless it is powered by usb (I now have it powered).

I want a flow to turn on the fan in the shower when the humidity goes above x. The issue is that when I try to create the flow the only option I can see is “The humidity changed”. How am I able to trigger a flow based off the humidity going over a set value (not it just changing)? Thanks in advance for any help.

Use a LOGIC card in the AND colum, with the humidity tag of your sensor

Thanks @RoyWissenburg, that’s awesome. As humidity is a percentage would 60% be represented as 0.6 in the logic?

Just tested, this was the case. This is great, thanks so much for your help @RoyWissenburg

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So I’ve been playing around. Current humidity is ~40% where I am, so I set the fan to go off when it reaches 60%. Then when it returns to 40% it turns off.

In principle this sounds fine but in summer the ambient humidity will possibly go over 60%. How would this be approached, I thought the below may work but there may be a better way, if so please let me know.

When motion is sensed
… and timer is not running

set value A to the current humidity
start timer (20 mins)

When humidity is greater value A + .2 (use better logic for this)

turn on fan
set value B to the current humidity

When humidity is less than Value B - .2

turn off fan

The other approach to this problem is to have a sensor in the bathroom, and one else where - then when the delta of the humidity between the two is > X turn on the fan.

ie. while the bathroom has 20% more humidity then your bedroom turn on the fan.

Great idea @Jamie !

Same as @jamie wrote this one here works just perfect for me. Automate humidity sensor and fan
One sensor in the bathroom and the second used as a reference in the living room, that’s my setup.