HELP! ERROR-Sqlite full: database or disc is full

As the topic.Sqlite full: database or disc is full Turning the power off and on helps for maybe 30 minutes. What to do?

Check disk usage, perhaps there’s an app using a lot of data.

In fact, the memory storage was full. I deleted some unused applications. I hope it will help. Thanks

Memory = temporary storing data (max 512MB or 1GB)
Storage = permanently storing data (max 1.65GB
(For the Pro 2016 - 2019 models)

Possible cause of “disk full” error (actually it’s “partition full”:
What’s the used storage of Speech?
→ should be below 170MB
Fix: delete any other voice except for the current one, then reboot Homey

Other possible cause:
What’s the used storage of Insights?
→ should be below 100MB
I once had a 450MB file!
Fix: resetting Homey to factory defaults, and then restoring a backup.

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