Heimdall - Let Homey watch over your home

What is the difference between the following?

  • "Heimdall Surveillance mode is not activated " (“Övervakningsläge är inte Aktiverad”)
  • “Surveillance mode is not activated” (“Statusen är inte Larmat”)

Hi Pär,

The first one Övervakningsläge är inte Aktiverad is programmed by me into the app and is reading the Surveillance Mode on the app level. It translates to Surveillance Mode is not Armed, as it has this condition has these options Surveillance Mode is (not) Armed | Disarmed | Partially armed

The second one Statusen är inte Larma is not programmed into the app and I must say I’ve never seen it before. Also, I am not able to find that card when I make a new flow. I think Athom at one time added this card automatically based on the capabilities of the device, but is seems wrong as activated is not a valid state of the Surveillance Mode switch (but that might be a translation issue). Could you try deleting the Surveillance Mode switch and adding it again and see if the card is still available for you?

If you are using the Surveillance Mode device in many flow and do not want to delete it, I advise you to use the condition card from the app (with the Heimdall logo) and not the one from the Surveillance Mode switch.

Hi Jay,

Can you please tell me what and how you change the Surveillance Mode, what you expect to happen and what really happens?
Unfortunately I can’t make much of I’m unable to activate or deactivate the Surveillance Mode. The Surveillance Mode is not something that is active or inactive, it is a choice between 3 different modes.


Hello, I am actually experiencing a difficulty when I try to change the monitoring mode on my Apple devices, for example from off mode to partial mode. Unfortunately nothing happens when I try to do this. This problem affects all iPhones in the house as well as the iPad. Unfortunately, I don’t have an Android device to check if this problem also occurs on this platform.

for example in this photo the active mode is selected but we see that the mode remains disarmed (we can also see it with the font which is in bold)

Can you please try this in the web app? Also, make sure to check if you’ve set a delay on any of the armed mode and take that into account.

Which one should I use?

Did you remove and added the Surveillance Mode Switch? I really advise you to do so, cause not all flowcards shown in that screenshot are created by the Heimdall app and consequently I can’t predict what else is not ok on your Homey.

Here’s how it looks on my Homey’s (Both Homey (Pro) and Homey Pro Early 2023)

By judging the number of choices you have in the flow cards, I would say the first one is created by Homey itself based on capabilities (And thus bogus) and the second one is created by me and is the one to use. Also, The text Ställ in status or those separate words are not found in Heimdall’s code, the text Ange övervakningsläge … is and translates to Set Surveillance Mode …