Heatit Z-wave app (v2.7.1)

Hi @TedTolboom The Z-TEMP2 has a new cooling function (inverted command) with firmware 1.2. Is this supported? If I understand it correctly this would make it possible to switch to cooling/heating mode and still use direct association.


Hi there!

I’ve just bought the Heat it 8 button device and connected it to Homey to have some flows started such as turning Phillips Hue lights on or off.

It works when I add the flow to Homey, but once I add the tag for a specific button, it no longer works. I’ve tried button tag 0, 1, 7 and 8, but it doesn’t work. If I remove the specific tag (so a random button press) it does work.

Are the button ID’s different then 1 to 8 or 0 to 7 ?

@TedTolboom, any thoughts?

Hello. I am looking to add a Heatit ZM single relay to my system. I wonder if:

Many Thanks

I am at this moment aligning future development of this app with Heatit A/S.
I hope to answer your questions soon.

Thank you

Hi @TedTolboom,

First of all, thanks a lot for the Heat It app which works great with the 6 Z-TRM3 I have installed !

I was wondering if you could add a cooling mode to the thermostat. I’ll try to explain my situation : In my house I have have a heat pump to produce hot water which is used for the floor heating during winter. In summer however, cold water is injected in the floor l, instead of hot water, which helps to cool the house a bit (hardly any house is equipped with A/C in Switzerland). I was therefore wondering if you could add a cooling mode, so that the Heat It Thermostat understands that when I ask for a lower temperature, in cooling mode, It should open the valves of the floor heating (cooling in this case) and not close them ?

I hope I’ve been clear enough in my explanation but as English is not my mother tongue, I sometimes fail in translating my ideas from french to English.

I would of course be willing to pay for this update.

Thanks in advance & have a nice day.


@TedTolboom Hi Ted, Any update on the future developments of the app? New products are being introduced and it would be great to know if they’ll be supported on Homey. I hope Heatit also appreciates your efforts. :slight_smile:

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Dear all,

Over the last weeks I have been discussing the future development of the Heatit app with Heatit Controls. The outcome is that I will be transferring the existing Heatit app to their responsibility for further support and future developments.

For the Homey community this will provide the best and direct support available for the existing devices, new firmware updates and future devices as they will be integrated in Homey.

Thank you all for your support and contributions over the last years! :heartbeat:

Best regards,


PS. @moderators I propose to close this topic. Heatit Controls might want to open a new topic.


Thanks for your support and work Ted! Very much appreciated. Until Heatit has opened a new topic, I’d suggest keeping this open just to help out each other. I hope Heatit will provide the answers related to new hardware later on. Thanks again!

try to include a z-push button 4 , but receive message that its only included as a simple zwave device.
any idea what i should do?


Ok, found the root cause for my problem:
my push4 has a different manfacturer ID (773) as some stated already a few topics before.

@github a user called endholm reported in issue 54 (Issue54, that he was able to fix this by changing the driver.compose.json.

can someone help me, what i need to do to change this file?


I bought multiple heat-it smoke detectors. My goal was to also use them as a siren for Heimdall, but currently the manual activation of the siren isn’t working at all. Reported the bug on Github, but that place seems to be abandoned. The app seems to be abandoned.

Free tip: don’t buy them.

Heatit has taken over the development of the app. Please contact them in case of issues.

Heatit has taken over the development of this app and is not actively involved (yet) on this forum. So Heatit is not able to takeover the maintenance of this topic.

@moderators can you close this topic?

The Github page is the preferred way to contact them, right? They aren’t very active there.

Hello forum,

We’ve, as you probably know, recently taken over control and development of the Homey app for HeatIt products.
With this we have also taken over the support for the apps. We will be trying to answer everyone on the Forum as well as on the Github. You can also send us a support ticket at post@heatit.com.

We are currently working on getting to “know” the code Ted has made in the past and integrating our new products.

We have created a new topic, here is the link to that topic HeatIt App


I have a trm3 and a trm2fx.

I would like to use the internal room sensor of the trm3 as an external sensor for the trm2fx (due to the placement of the trm2fx).

How would I do this using direct association?


That is unfortunately not a possibility.

therefore closed