Heatit cooling mode homey

Hi. Everytime i set my heatit floor thermostat (z trm2 fx) to cooling mode in the homey athom app it switches on the power for the heat so the floor is overheating. I have set the deegree to 180 in advanced mode and watch the termostat change the numbers in the screen to 18, but the power light switches on and the heat rises. Happens No matter what i set the temperatur to. Anyone else having this issue? Comfort, energy saving and off modus works perfect. Thx for help.

You have to select heating mode. Cooling mode works opposite - thermostat is on, if temperature is higher then selected.

Ok. That makes sense. Thank you.

Thanks for this tip… Went on vacation and turned all thermostats to cooling mode, thinking it was the minimum power mode that was not off… By chance I checked the Homey app and noticed all rooms showing crazy high temperatures and the power meter showing high consumption. Turned them all off remotely, thinking that something in the integration must have been broken, but now it makes more sense. I don’t think this is very intuitive, though…