Heatit ZM single relay

Does anyone know whether the Heatit ZM single relay will be added to the Heatit app suite?

Thanks in advance

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We are currently working on integrating this product in the HeatIt app.
You are already able to control it (on/off) if you add it as just a generic Z-Wave device.

Hi, thx for your answer. Is there any progress to be shared?


Like old days, bumping it :metal: Just bought a few since I though Heatit stuff was already in the current app

Hi, no updates yet. We’ll let you know once it’s added.

I have one 2 can you add it please? @HeatitControlsAB

We will add it as soon as we can but keep in mind they still work in Homey except for the powermetering.

Hi. What is the timeline on this?

I’m trying to create a virtual Thermostat to manage the reply together with a temperature sensor. How do you recommend doing this (VThermo is not picking up the Heatit Relay as a heater currently)?

The reason why I bought this…high amp and power metering. On/off device is useless when power metering was the main reason for me. Other generic devices would have added power metering as generic device, why is this not possible for your device?

Hi Christian,

We do not recommend using a virtual thermostat because if something were to happen to the gateway the heating could get stuck on. We suggest using a thermostat like the Z-Temp 2 (Heatit Z-Temp2 White - Heatit) and associate between those two devices.

Hi Torstein,

Do you have an example of a generically included device with Powermetering? In our experience no devices without a template have powermetering but we could be mistaken.


I was originally recommended to use the Heatit Z-Temp2 paired with the Heatit Z-TRM3. However I was not able to get this to work in a way that I can control the target temperature from Homey. Elektroimportøren accepted a return og the TRM3 and gave me the Single relay instead (to be tested/installed)

What I need:

  • Termostat / Relay that turn the floor heating in the bathroom on/off (located in the bedroom, no floor sensor)
  • Temperature sensor in the bathroom to send controls to the thermostat/relay wirelessly
  • Compatible with Homey so that I can manage the target temperature as part of the overall house (eg turn down the temperature at night, at work or on vacation)

What is your recommended solution?


It’s correct that a Z-Temp 2 cannot send temperatures which the TRM3 can use but a Heatit ZM Single Relay can.
The Single Relay is currently now yet supported in Homey so you won’t be able to set parameters or use powermetering but you can control the relay and use it in your described setup.

When will it be supported ? Can you give a eta ?

Why are progress so slow @HeatitControlsAB

Hi, forgive our tardiness. We ran into some issues during development but we’re getting there now.

Same issue as Christian_S, waiting for solution :slightly_smiling_face:

So I just purchased a ZM Single Relay 16A and I wrongfully assumed it would be fully supported in Homey. I am in the same situation as @Christian_S, and I would like to use the relay together with a Z-Temp 2 (and Homey) to replace a floor thermostat that has no floor sensor.

If I understood this correctly, until you have added support for the ZM Single Relay to Homey, it is not possible to create this association, and the the only thing the relay can be used for is generic dumb on/off?

@HeatitControlsAB: Really hoping for some updates on this soon!

Do we have an ETA for power measurement thru the Heatit 16A single relay? How will I know it has happened? Will I need access to the device in order to make ir work then = do I need to open access to my installation?

It seems like it has been added now, even I have not time to add and test it yet :grin: