Heatit Z-wave app (v2.7.1)

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It seems to me “the not switching relay after changing setpoints from homey issue” is related to the internal sensor. If I connect an external or floor sensor and change to mode to AE or F it works like it should. So we always have to add one additional sensor even if using a radiator instead of a floor heating?

But that would be a firmware issue instead of an issue with the Homey app. Do users from other platforms experience the same issues?

The one Z-TRM3 I have that has no external sensors connected, using the internal room sensor, has for (my) practical use improved in behaviour. It’s in the hallway, normally turned off, but with the setpoint temperature high (30 C) to ensure heating starts when the unit is turned on. When I want it to heat the floor, I turn it on from a Homey flow and then off again 10-20 minutes later. I do this on the clock in the morning and afternoon, and also on the hour during the day whenever the outdoor rain sensor reports rain over the last hour. As winter and snow is coming I will have to improve the logic to also try to figure out when snow will be dragged into the hallway on shoes.

In most cases for this setup, the heating starts when the thermostat is turned on. It can be stable for several weeks, but sometimes it fails, and I have to manually adjust the temperature on the thermostat to make it work again. To me it sounds like a firmware/API problem with the Z-TRM3 itself. I might try to attach the floor sensor to see if it changes anything (and use it as an external room sensor as there is no tube to feed it under the floor).

Hello! I’ve tried to pair a Heatit Z-Push button-8 to a fibaro dimmer 2 directly. The devices pair as they should and I can use the buttons to control the fibaro on and off etc. But, when I’m holding down or up the button to dim the fibaro dimmer, it just continues to dim even after I release the button. I can just dim it to max or min, as it won’t stop when I realse the button. Is this a common issue?

I’ve just released the v2.7.0 update of the Heatit app adding support for the (long awaited) Z-Smoke AC Smoke Detector. The update is pending the app store approval of Athom, but can be installed already through: https://homey.app/a/no.thermofloor/test/


First thanks to @TedTolboom for the great app !

I installed Z-TRM3 yesterday and I had to do the same magic than @Naitsirk explained before (the association from 1.1 to 1 and back).

First I included the Z-TRM3 when Homey was about 10m away. I noticed that the power and energy measurements were not updating. Tried to do the the association trick, but the measurements still didn’t update.

I moved the Homey about 1m away from the Z-TRM3, exluded and included again, did the association trick and voila! the power and energy measurements started to work.

Just for the info that @Naitsirk is not alone with the “problem”


Got my 6 z-smoke detectors today. Easy to install, also very easy to include (thank you @TedTolboom). However, association was a bit tricky. Can not seem to get any associations, always get this message… I have 6 detectors, so I should be able to get each of them associated with the rest. But even if I just try one I get the same message.

Update, got 4 of them to work but the 2 left still gives me this message. Tried restarting the app, didn’t help.

Which Homey version are you using?

Hi. I’m on 4.2.0. Strange that 4 went ok and 2 didnt. Remove and add them again to see?

Did you find a solution for this ? I’m having the same problem when using association, relay status from z-water will not update in the app or in homey insight. Z-temp2 seems to work ok

@TedTolboom is there a fix for this? Is there something in the setup that I’ve done wrong ?

My z-trm3 stopped reporting power usage for about 2-3 weeks ago. I noticed it was reporting constant full power usage all the time, and it haven’t updated in about 2 weeks. Reboot of homey did not help. But when I changed language to English (to take screenshots) and rebooted it suddenly changed to reporting 0w, so I thought it started working again. But sadly not. Homey never receives any updates regarding to power usage. But temperature is reported as normal.
Should I exclude and include again, or can something else be wrong?
All my z-trm2fx works as normal.

See attached screenshots.

Ok, sorry. I just tested “the “1.1” association group override trick (set the value to 1 and then back to 1.1)”, as @Naitsirk wrote earlier, and that worked!

I did not fully understand what I just did, but it worked.

manged to fix it. Changed the settings in Group 1 from 1 to 1.1 in both devices… it seems to work now :slightly_smiling_face:

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I believe the issue is related to the fact that the property values shown in the app are not read from the device, but based on the defined default values on the device. When you change a property value in the app, it will send it to the device and the app and device will be in sync for that property. If you change a property value on the device, the app and device will no longer be in sync for that property. When using the app, the idea is that you set all the values from the app, and not on the device. The “set to 1 and back again to 1.1” trick is then simple: The value “1.1” shown in the app is not the actual value on the device. Changing the value in the app forces the value on the device to be updated and in sync with the app.

Well… it is a bit more complicated issue…

The right settings are (actively) set to set the multiChannel association to group 1 (as 1.1) upon inclusion.

So it is not similar to the device settings, that show the expected values, but are not actively set.

Apparently this multiChannelAssociation isn’t properly set during inclusion.

Which Homey version are you using?

Yep, this is probably correct, but strange if the device suddenly changed this value by it self? And it looks like that have happened to many of us.
And I did receive some values, but not all of them.

But could anyone please give me an easy practical example of what you can use these association groups to achieve?
Is it to get the thermostat to talk to other devices as well as homey?

Good to hear.
I do suspect that setting the Z-water lifeline association group 1 to 1.1 did the trick.
For the new devices, multiChannel association has been implemented, not yet for the Z-water.

Those devices will need to be migrated to this new approach. Not only changing the association groups, but also updating the driver logic.

Let me know if you run into other issues with the Z-water

Please check my previous comment I made in parallel…

You could use a association group (2 of the Z-TRM3) to turn on a separate electrical or infrared heater connected to a Z-wave wall plug in combination with the floor heater.

I was wrong. I didn’t “suddenly stop working”. It has never worked. (I just checked insights)

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Aha, thank you. :slight_smile: