Having a cat flap with prey detection, possible?

I’m not all to keen on possibilities with devices and such. So hope some of you can help me out.

The thing is: I have a cat. He’s having his own entrance with a Sureflap Cat Flap Connect, so I’m quite able to let him in and out of the house whenever he (master) or I (slave) want it.
It’s even connectable to Homey with Sure Petcare | Homey, @Koktail thanks for that!

The other thing is: my cat likes to bring in prey (DOA or alive) and best of all the live stuff when I’m away or asleep. Many times I noticed a survivor in the morning or when I came home. I know my cat is just being thankful, but it’s driving me nuts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So I want my cat flap to detect my cat arriving with prey. I found some internet topics about this problem so it’s nice to know I’m not alone (see links below).
There’s talk about (besides the flap) needing:

  • RaspBerry Pi4
  • IR camera
  • Google Coral
  • some other stuff

I’m well willing to invest on gear, but having a RaspPi next to Homey seems somewhat luxurous.
Anyone knowing of ways to implement what I want? I would be happy to donate on solutions.


GitHub - gerrito333/mousehunter-edge: Cat with prey detection on Raspberry Pi. Lock cat pet flap if prey is detected. Object detection implemented in TFLite with ImageNet v1 SSD. Inference on EdgeTPU (Google Coral USB). Stores images on AWS S3 and sends notifications to iOS device.

Keep your home mouse-free with an AI powered cat flap | by Gerrit Bojen | Medium

GitHub - niciBume/Cat_Prey_Analyzer: Cat Prey Image-Classification with deeplearning


I think the pages you link to are quite state-of-the-art, so I doubt you’ll be able to find a quick and dirty solution that will run on Homey. You likely will need to train your own model and for that you’re going to need an RPi4 and Coral accelerator anyway (but besides that, I wouldn’t recommend running the inference on Homey anyway).

Thanks for your swift response. I’m afraid you’re right.
I like to centralize everything on Homey, so I’m hoping to find a way :crossed_fingers: