Is there a frigate alternative to homey pro?


I’m quite new to domotic and happy owner of an homey pro early 2023.

By viewing some videos about domotic, I discovered the frigate app, that allow to have AI powered detection with camera insteaf of just movement detection, which add a whole new level to possible automations.

Unfortunately, it seems to be made to work with home assistant, I wonder if there is some alternatives already available for homey.

Thank you

I was wondering what Frigate is…

A complete and local NVR designed for Home Assistant with AI object detection. Uses OpenCV and Tensorflow to perform realtime object detection locally for IP cameras.

Use of a Google Coral Accelerator is optional, but highly recommended. The Coral will outperform even the best CPUs and can process 100+ FPS with very little overhead.

So not exactly but maybe take a look on :
License plate recognition

Thank you for the answer, I will look at this !

Frigate can run separately outside of Home Assistant Operating System. Frigate can also publish events over MQTT so I don’t see any problem with integrating Frigate to Homey.

Some privacy aspects might be involved. Especially when you upload your pictures to Google.

@Zmove I have been working on this over the Christmas break and have an initial app waiting to be approved for the store.

Hi Nicolas,
Was your app approved?
I’ve been using Frigate with Home Assistant for the last year and consider it to be one of the best HA integrations, especially for the multi-function Lovelace dashboard widget which is a great piece of UI design.
However, I’m increasingly interested in switching to Homey Pro to reduce the overhead of expanding and maintaining my home automation system.
I’d be really interested to see what you’ve done!
All the best,

Hi @Jerry_McCrohan,

Yes the app is publicly available. It’s pretty crude for now but you are welcome to test it and I would appreciate feedback.

Homey does not have an as strong support for videos as HA does. I will make some updates to the documentation (on the github repository) later today once I am done with work.

Chapeau Nicolas !

Do you have any screenshots of your integration? I haven’t taken the plunge yet with Homey, so unfortunately can’t test it yet. I’m almost convinced but having Frigate embedded in the app was a real plus and a wife-pleaser :grinning:

I will share some screenshots on the github repo tonight.

If you want I can also walk you through my homey setup so that you can see the capabilities. If you prefer that, feel free to contact me though the support/contact section (email) of the app’s page: I can then send you a zoom link and will walk you through the plugin.

I’m quite keen on hearing how you intend to use Homey and can potentially adapt the plugin so that it works for you.

Cool! I’ll respond to you via the support/contact section Nicolas.

Hey @Nicolas_Herment,

nice work with your frigate integration. I set everything up, but the floware not working. When using the mqtt client app I can create flows when detecting a person. So I believe that frigate is sending correct events. What can I do? I would really like to use your flows instead.

Could you send me some diagnostics report? It’s a button available the app’s settings.