[APP][Pro] Sure Petcare App - (Sureflap Pet Door/Sureflap Cat Flap)


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This app integrate the Sure Petcare products into Homey.


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Currently supported products:

  • Sureflap Pet Door connect
  • Sureflap Cat Flap connecties

You need the Surecare Hub to use this app.


Q1 Why is the Pet feeder connect not available?

  • I don’t have that device to test the functionality


  1. Install app
  2. Go to the the settings of the app
  3. Login with your Sure Petcare credentials.
  4. Add device to Homey.



  1. Lock mode change
  2. Log error message
  3. Pet away
  4. Pet home
  5. Specific pet away
  6. Specific pet home


  1. Lock mode is


  1. Set lock mode


  1. Install app
  2. Go to the the settings of the app
  3. Login with your Sure Petcare credentials.
  4. Add device to Homey.

Not possible to log into Account, wheel keeps spinning. If you have an beta somewhere I can test it with CLI install.

A couple of beers coming your way when fixed! Been waiting months for this app :smiley:

I’ve made some changes in the latest build, can you try again please? What product do you have? The petdoor or the catflap?

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Will do, catflap

Actually, 1.0.3 wheel keeps spinning after login input, but I can add the catflap in the devices.

Super awesome you made an app for this! Currently I’m using the normal sureflap but I’m considering to upgrade to the connect version…

One question; does the app detect Wich cat came through the door? I have 2 cats and would like to know Wich cat is inside and Wich one is outside…

not possible yet, think developer is working on that…, this version includes open, keep inside, keep outside and lock both ways. Have tested it and the functions included works!

Also miss “enter” and “leaving” trigger. With “enter” I can change Heimdall surveillance mode from full arm to partial arm etc. When “leaving” I can return the Heimdall to full arm.

Thanks! For your question see the q&a in de OP, i’ve expected that question. :wink:

Can you send a report to the developer for that? Do you set an ‘profile image’ in de sureflap profile?

Yes, do have a profile image of my cat.

Looking forward to future updates and new functions, this is a very good start, donation coming! Have a nice weekend!

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Would be great to have trigger card when cat enters or leaves. Currently functionality on changing mode from lock to open works great. Looking forward to more functions.
Functionality below would be superb:

Trigger cards for pet and different pet enters to start flows.
(Example: IF Cat 1 Enters Then)
Presence card for pet and different pet in or out to use in flows.
Example: If Time is between 1am and 5am AND Cat 1 is inside Then)
Actions to set flap to closed or open within a flow.
(Example: If Time is 1am THEN Set Cat Flap to Closed)

Great work so far, thanks


Thanks for you reaction! Nice suggestrions.

There are some flowcards available in last version

Lock mode has changed

Lock mode (is|is not) {action}

Set lock mode to: {action}

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Just spotted them, assumed they would be under the device, but they are under the App. Good stuff.

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Nice :slight_smile:

Do i need to buy the Sureflap Connect Microchip Luik and Hub to get this working?

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You can use the ‘Sureflap Petdoor connect’ or the ‘Sureflap Catflap connect’ with the Surecare hub. (Make sure you have a ‘connect’ product.)

The app is limited to controlling the lockstate for now.

Problems with the flow cards, when setting «keep outside», card shows «keep inside», and no way to uncheck it!

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Thanks for your bugreport, i’ll look into that.

This issue is resolved in version 1.0.5!

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It is really genious som far, used to have problems when windspeed exceeded 20 km/h, the flap would not close because of the strong wind, now I can lock both ways if wind exceeds a certain threshold, very practical since cold and fresh wind dosen’t enter my home anymore, and keeps the heating budget intact!

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Nice app look out to al the new things.
What i wout like is an optie to program the open en close times the way some smart thermostats have.