Donating a Sureflap Microchip Pet Door Connect

If any developer can make an app (if possible) for the system I will post the catflap system your way (have one spare), system runs on the zigbee protocol, an app would be appreciated without the need of a hub, if not possible with hub.

Have made a post on the app section earlier requesting app, but so far no interest, I`m also not sure about API accessbility.

There is a Homey Community App Requests topic where you can request an app.

Please make sure you make the request with the provided template, to make sure all needed information is provided.

pls read the post

Then there is no reason to create a new topic for this, if there is no interest, then there is no one interest in creating an app for it by a developer.

if it is zigbee, which is an open standard, and supported by the current zigbee implementation, then it can be added.

Thank you for your interest! But, if you read the post you will see that Im donating a system, a system is a device, in the device section! Maybe, its easier if developer has access to a system, since it`s quite expensive! So again, thank you for your contribution and for being clear voyant of what interests the community and not, merry christmas!

If you read the app request post, then there are currently 179 posts, with posts that also include donating a device/money enough to buy the device themselves.

If such a developer steps up, he will most likely also get requests for all other devices that manufacturer offers, which he then needs to decline, or ask for donation to get the device itself.
And don’t forget about if Athom changes anything, that the app also keeps working, a.k.a. maintenance

Yes, thats the app section, this is the device section! Maybe its just me, but don`t see anyone donating a system, the system goes for 210$ on Amazon, not 50$.
It is the first one i come across that specifies more then just “yes” to the question for donating a device.
Knowing the amount of possibilities the devices have, one of those devices will also reach over the 200 euro’s.

But i appreciate the thought.

Nice, so you really serious about a developer searching specifically for a sureflap system donation? How long time did you spend scrolling to find the post? retorical.

And, Gerber Prime Z-wave Touch Switch?

that one was about 10-15 seconds.

And yes, not just a switch though, and has multiple different attachments you can add.

TL;DR :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve bought recently a sureflap - pet door myself. I’ve done some research on how the communication is working. I could not find what protocol it uses but I don’t think the product uses zigbee. Intercepting the signals isn’t that easy too i’ll guess, so i’ve bought the hub for that. :wink:

I’m recently start working on an app that uses the api from the hub to add support for the products from sureflap. I already control the lock state (open/keep inside/keep outside/lock both way) but i’ve just hardcoded the authorization mechanism for now.


That`s good news! I found this about the protocol

“The hub uses the LogMeIn Xively protocol over HTTPS to talk to the cloud, but is not [obviously] vulnerable to any kind of MiTM attack and exposes no open ports whatsoever on the LAN. I’ve managed to get hold of a spare hub, but not done anything with it yet. It’s all Microchip stuff, based around a 32bit/80MHz PIC32MX695F MIPS SoC with 512KB flash, 128KB RAM, 10/100 Ethernet and USB2 OTG. Also on the board are a WRF24J48MA 2.4GHz wireless module (to communicate with the flap) and obligatory ENC424J600 Ethernet controller to manage it. The PCB appears to have an 8-pin FPC serial connector and JTAG interface which both look promising. Having said that, if it’s possible to discover details of the wireless connection between hub and flap then a pure software implementation of the hub could be achievable.”

"I found the FCC test report for the connected flap:

The main report

This lists the “intentional radiators” in the kit, namely the RFID at 126 and 133 kHz, and the 2.4 GHz radio for transmitting to the hub. That is listed as 802.15.4 using O-QPSK modulation.

That’s Zigbee - or at least something close to it. With the right SDR setup we may be able to decode the frames."

Source: github

Thats cool! What are your ideas about the features of an app?

Well, I can`t use Heimdall security motion sensors inside when cat entering and leaving the flap, today only door sensors are functionable, so an partial arm only when not at home. So, functions like coming and going (microchip access), lock and opening of the flap (from inside and outside), presence based on the microchip data, which cat is in and which is outside (multiple pets), battery information. There is also a “peek” function, cat looking in or out.

So, I don`t know how, but maybe using the existing login/account information at Sureflap, since all the information is stored there?

Control the lock state (open/keep inside/keep outside/lock both way) already works with the app i’m developing. The presence can be a polling action to detect change. Thats the next thing i’m wanna try.

I cannot find a possibility to create users dynamicly, that would be very nice…


Sounds great, would be very interested in this, cat entering as a trigger would be amazing, as I could trigger their water fountain to turn on, or lights etc.

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I’ve just released the first app to test that supports the products of Sure petcare: Sure Petcare App - (Sureflap Pet Door/Sureflap Cat Flap)


Pls continue in the new topic. This one is closed

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