Harman Kardon Citation 200 - Factory Default Reset - Defect

Last year I added our Philips Hue devices to Homey using Matter. After a while the Matter devices where acting strange so I removed them and I use the “old” methode again.

But then suddenly one of our smart speaker (Harman Kardon Citation 200) disconnected from the wifi and could not be added anymore. I’m not sure but could it be a problem that this smart-speaker acted as a 3rd party thread border router and is broken because of this Matter experiment?

if so, is it possible to undo this?

Maybe this is a figment of my imagination that is not true, but I think this is all just too coincidental.

Check out the specs I’d say, to find out if it has Tbr (Thread border router) functionality?

About Homey’s Tbr:
Did you install FW v10.3.0-rc.5 maybe? Or what FW version is running atm?

Hello Peter,

The Harman Kardon Citation 200 (smart speaker with Google) is:

  • supporting the TBR (according to Bing copilot).
  • not supporting TBR (according to google bart).
  • chatGPT doesn’t know

I couldn’t find it in the “old” user-manuals.

My Homey has the Firmware version 10.2.1 at the moment.

OK, that version has no Thread functionality yet.

The Citation also does not have Thread functionality:


What you can do is to unplug the Citation ánd your wifi system for say 5 minutes, and try to add the citation to your wifi again.

I’ve tried adding the Harman Kardon Citation 200 (2.4G) a number of times, even on different Wi-Fi networks, but it doesn’t work. Other devices don’t have a problem with my Wi-Fi network. I think now, after you’ve given your answer, it’s not a Homey problem, but a harman kardon problem.

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Have you reset the device to factory defaults?
If adding to wifi/ setting up after s factory reset doesn’t work contact the manufacturer for support.
In case of warranty contact the shop.

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Hello Dijker,

Yes, I have reset the device several times. Today I took this speaker to someone else’s house and he tried to add it to his Wi-Fi with his phone. Same problem and result there. So the speaker must be broken.

I will contact the store, the speaker has been in our possession for almost a year and is still under warranty.

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So that make’s it completely unrelated and off-topic on Homey :wink: probably a coincidence …