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Is it possible with H.O.O.P. to start a second flow when the first flow is completely finished?
In my case I try to start a voice message (via Sonos speakers) only when the voice message from the first flow is finished. Using “Delay” it is not possible, because the voice outputs are varying in length.


I changed my wifi today in homey and set a backup back. Noe the h.o.o.p. app is gone and all my flows are not working anymore. Anyone had the same problem?

To change your wifi you don’t have to restore a backup.
But, on-topic, the H.o.o.p. app is only available @ the community store, and you’ll have to install it yourself.
This app store is independent, and that’s why Homey backup doesn’t install it.
(Homey backup doesn’t save the apps, but only the links to the apps in the official app store. When restoring, those apps get downloaded from the store).

Hi peter
Thank you but if i now reinstall the hoop app will my flow work again.

I reinstalled h.o.o.p app flows working again.


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If you are using Google Services, then yes, but you can just use those Condition cards (instead of the Action cards).

The condition cards from Google Services will only be finished once the speech is done (based on the time-length of the generated speech).

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For people using HOOP:

I have created a new App: Advanced Triggers - Test Version | Homey.
For me, this app will mostly replace HOOP.

I have allready added multi triggers (methods) with uptoo 10x3 optional arguments.

Also i have added Debounce.

See the topic for more info: [APP][Pro] Advanced Triggers - Trigger and action cards with eventname for Advanced Flows - Apps - Homey Community Forum


Now it's possible to

- Change the Device Name -

through a flow

And… The status can be changed by another great app by Arie: Device Capabilities


- With Advanced flow:
  • Standard Flow

Hello all,

To migrate to HP2023, my HOOP flows were still an issue.

Instead of waisting time in fixing HOOP, i have decided to finally completly remove HOOP from my system.
There have been a lott of changes in the homey-API, which HOOP is mostly build on.

Now, this doesn’t mean that HOOP doesn’t work.
Stuff like set name still works.

However, everything to do with the IF-THEN-ELSE (and the overloading of other flowcards), will not work correct on Homey v 10.0.0.

This also means current HOOP flows using the Action Cards or Trigger cards overlaoders on the White Homey Balls.

But believe me, it’s better to rebuild those flows using Advanced Flows and perhaps using BLL and Advanced Triggers.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.


Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk ,
since today i have got the problem that HOOP shows an error (Network request failed) when I try to change a device name.

Any idea?



Homey Pro early 2019, updated to 8.1.4 yesterday.

Nope, but you are not giving me much clues :wink:

It uses the athom-api to realise changing the name.
Did you try an app restart?

Homey Pro early 2019, updated to 8.1.4 yesterday.

Restarted and enabled (off/on) the app.

I refreshed the key via athom-api, error remains.

May I ask you to try to change a device name for a test. If it works for you then the problem is on my side.


Well yeah, but i don’t currently have H.O.O.P. installed anymore :wink:
Plus, in a “short” while, HomeyScript is gonne get the rights to update devices, so changing the device name will be possible through HomeyScript then.
But if i have some time tomorrow, i’ll take a look!

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Perhaps the issue is in the update, and i am not on that update and do not plan to go to that update, since i have been getting more straings error reports on the 8.1.4.

And did you by any change restarted Homey? Since that might always be a solution after an update and an app not working :wink:

Reboot did not help. I think 8.1.4 is the reason of the issue.

Pro 2019 - v8.1.3
I just installed HOOP and I can’t enter a AVD’s name, there’s no dropdown list (when it should appear that is), and the same error pops up.

@Joka As a test: when you duplicate that flowcard, can you enter, or select a devicename?

That is good news, coming soon™ :grimacing:

No I can’t, no device is selectable with v8.1.4 too.

@Peter_Kawa: I thought that the HCS apps could not be installed at the moment due to the changes made by athom. How could you install HOOP if it was not installed before?

The HCS store is an organized and centralized GUI to install apps using the CLI tool (Command Line Install → how to CLI);
So the actual apps are not in the store.

Many apps, like the HOOP app, have published the source, at like, Github or Bitbucket, and can be downloaded and installed. But you have to search them yourself.
The HOOP app is available from Arie’s Bitbucket repository (https://bitbucket.org/QlusterIT/workspace/repositories)

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