H.O.O.P. (Hope) - Action Cards

Action Cards

Part of: H.O.O.P. (Hope) - Homey Object Oriented Programming


With this device you can use (almost) any ActionCard (a Then Card) available within you Homey as an (await) condition, making it easier to write synchroon actions in one flow.

You pick the right kind of overloader (sometimes a bitt difficult to find, working on it).
Please note that a dropdown with true and false as only options are considered Booleans by H.O.O.P.
So when you want to start (and await) an actioncard thats sets a true/false (like Logic does), you use the boolean(s) conditioncards, for all other cards with dropdown(s), choose dropdown(s) when overwriting.

So yes, that means you can set a boolean through/from any actioncard from string (normally you have to select yes or no), needing if-else statements just to handle a boolean.



Example 1 for setting a variable in synchroon:

  • The Volume of Sonos 1 is saved into variable Volume Sonos 1
  • After that, a Notification sounds plays on Sonos 1
  • After that, a Voice Speech starts talking on Sonos 1
  • After that, the volume is restored.

It doesn’t matter what is done to the volume during the Sound an Speech, you have the volume saved into a variable and can restore it later :blush:

Example 2 - turning the TV back off after speech.

Example 3 for setting a variable in synchroon:

The resulted output (on watch, but notification is also possible) will be first: “Start saving variable”, and within milliseconds it will receive “Done saving variable”.
Extremely fast, way faster than delays, but always synchroon!

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Thanks to Peter Kawa!

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