H.O.O.P. (Hope) - Flow Director

Flow Director

Part of: H.O.O.P. (Hope) - Homey Object Oriented Programming


This device offers flow cards to manage statements within condition parts of a flow.
Inner IF statements are supported.

These flow cards only function when a flow is triggered through H.O.O.P. (doesn’t need to be a H.O.O.P. trigger, Await will also do the trick).

Flow cards


  • IF (all cards until Then are) Operator = AndAlso && or And &
    Starts an IF statement within the condition part of a flow.
    Operator for the cards between IF and Then-Cards can inversed between AndAlso and And.
  • OrElse / Or
    Used to separate conditions groups between IF-Cards and Then-Cards
  • Then
    If the cards between If-Card and Then-Card are equal to the value given in the If-Card (true or false), then executes the next cards until the Else-Card or End If-Card
  • Else
    Does it need an explanation?
  • Else If
    Opens a new IF statement (that needs a Then-Card) if the previous IF statement failed.
  • End IF
    Closes the IF statement



Dim the light on to 30% of its dark, dim it to 90% when its lighter, and don’t turn it on when its fully light outside.





Inner IF statements

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Wauw! Looks nice!

I’ll give it a try. Looks like a more logical approach!

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And, yeah, its way easier to do a few if-then-elseif statements in one flow, then having to make a lott of flows and use delays to first start a action and 1 sec later the next.

It makes the flows function synchronised, which is many times a good thing (since you can’t give or handler promises in floweditor :slight_smile: )