H.O.O.P. (Hope) - Trigger Cards

Trigger Cards

Part of: H.O.O.P. (Hope) - Homey Object Oriented Programming


With this device you can use (almost) any TriggerCard (an If Card) available within you Homey as an H.O.O.P trigger, reducing the need for an extra flow.

You can also add multiple triggers in the conditional (And) part of a flow.

You pick the right kind of TriggerCard (sometimes a bitt difficult to find, working on it).
Please note that a dropdown with true and false as only options are considered Booleans by H.O.O.P.
So when you want to use an triggercard thats uses a true/false (like Logic does), you use the boolean(s) triggercards, for all other cards with dropdown(s), choose dropdown(s) when overwriting.

Tokens are available, based on order and type:


Example 1 - Turning on a light dimmed, full, or not at all - in one flow

Gedeelde Flow | Homey

Example 2 - multiple triggers in ONE flow

When the Hal Lamp OR Kapstok Lamp is turned on, this flow will be executed.

New feature: Multiple triggers in ONE flow:

Very much appreciated here! So much easier and logical when one can use multiple triggers.
+1000 !!