Green ring with rotating red led

I just noticed my Homey is showing a totally green led ring, while 1 red dot is rotating around it. Never seen that before… I’m on 1.5.13 and didn’t adjust/install/add anything in the last days.
Anybody knows what that means?

Figured it out. Did a reboot and shortly after that the same situation occurred. Thougth i could maybe shut off the led’s manually. The app however showed state “Off” already.

It appeared the Plugwise Smile app was updated automatically today. Apparently this caused the LED state to be altered to “Plugwise Smile P1 Power” state (never saw that before) by default while the LED ring state said “Off”.

Cross checked by changing LED Ring to “Pulse” state. This showed the pulse modulation indeed. Changed it to “Plugwise Smile P1 Power” and the green and red ring appeared again. Now i set it to “Off” and the ring is dark again.


Same here, thanks for figuring out.

Same thing here. Came home…my wife, what the hack is that…I said: I have no idea, maybe the homey is hacked :smiley: Turned it off in the app and checked everything. Only thing changed was the P1 app being updated. Didn’t connect the dots, but you did it for me. Thanks!

Did you know that the red part changes when you use more energy. Funny detail :wink:

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That’s what it’s made for :stuck_out_tongue:

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and if it is blue, you are generating more energy than you are consuming!
I found this out last week when I installed some solar panels on the roof :slight_smile:
I really love the LED Ring now, it was always turned off but now it has a good use case. I made a flow where I turn off the LED ring when the smartplug that turns on the tv is on (tv on=led ring off) and vice versa.

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