Gree App Crashes - Mesh WiFi


Is there anyone who might have an idea how to solve the matter below?

We installed three Gree airconditioners in our new appartment, and connected them with Homey through WiFi. Since our appartment has a large rectangular shape, we use a TP-Link Deco X20 WiFi cabled backhaul mesh-network. Homey has no problem to control the airconditioner that is linked to the same router as the Homey itself, but right after Homey gives a command to an airconditioner that is connected to a different access point, the Gree App crashes. The first command (eg switch on) will be correctly executed, but thereafter the airconditioner becomes unavailable for a second command (eg set temperature). Both airconditioners connected to the access points become unavailable, until I restart the app from the settings. Then they become available again for only one command. You can repeat this over and over again. Is there a way I can solve this myself, or is the developer willing to look into a solution in a future update?


Homey version: 7.1.1
Gree App version: 0.6.0

At the bottom of the app pages, you often can find links to the apps’ forum topic or github page to reach out to the devop.

Hello @ABC

I’ll try to find out why it happens.

Unfortunately I have only one AC and just a regular router.

So, most probably I’ll need your help to investigate this deeply.

Hi @aivus

Thanks! If there is anything I can do from my end, let me know.