Google Nest Camera Not Showing Live Video

Hello, I just installing the Official Google Nest App on my Homey Pro. Everything seemed to work. However, when I click any of the imported doorbell or cameras it says “All Good, This device works fine, but you cannot control it”. Are you not able to see the live or recorded videos from the Nest cameras with this app? As someone who uses Home Assistant. They have a similar app that installs the same way but I can view my video live and recordings. Thank you


With Homey you can not watch live video. Only snapshots. If you can watch snapshots with your equipment, depends on your equipmentand sometimes the app-developer, Athom in this scenerio (does not sounds like it, based on your experience).

This is a weird warning, but it is not a warning, and causes much questions.
What is meant, literally: Homey can’t control (turn on / off) your doorbell.
Your doorbell can control Homey just fine.
Same goes for camera’s, 433MHz buttons, remote controls and such.