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I think we are talking about different things, i know what a routine is. (if you are answering to me). But i want to add my devices in google home so i can build routines there.

Let me clarify, in the settings for google assistant i can not add my devices that i could add when they was connected to my Fibaro home center. The change i have done is swapping from fibaro home center to Homey. It might work different, since homey isn’t in the list of services i guess that answering my question.

Anyway i hope they sort that out, since i want google assistant to be the hart not homey (i might need to change this :stuck_out_tongue: )

Another example, how do i add a Philips hue light so i can use it in my google home that is connected to my homey (no hue bridge)? I am ok if it is not possible, i am just curios. If possible i guess it should be done in the same way that my Fibaro equipment ? So then i might be able to sort the Fibaro “problem” also.

No we are not. A routine can start anything anywhere as long as Google Assistant/Home supports this. So also devices that are hosted by Homey, just say “OK Google, tell Homey to #whatever you want Homey to do#”
And yes, your devices are not visible in Google Home (yet). For that Google Assistant/Home must fully support Homey and that is not the case (yet). Do a search on the forum if you want to know the details of this problem.

Btw, you will never be able to let Google Home to be the heart of your domotics. It doesn’t support anything but telling other controllers and/or apps that host the smart devices to do something. You can make it the voice of your home, but nothing more than that.

About your last remark: if you already added the hue device to your Homey, you already can use it in Google Home. Again, just say “OK Google, tell Homey to xxxx”.


We are not talking about the same thing, forget the whole routine part. I am not after the talk to google/homey part, that i am fully aware of (and it works “ok”). It might been my fault mentioning routine as an example.

And i think i got the other answers to the question: if it is possible to see/add devices (sonos, fibaro, hue, curtains, etc) that i connected to my homey in google home, like i can do with Fibaro. Answer is if i understood you correct no (for now).

If not please add a link on how i can do it, since my google foo is bad atm.

U want Homey to sort that out so u can use assistant instead of Homey??

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You can’t do that yourself, period. It either works natively (full agreement between Google and supplier), with a workaround (tell xxx to) or it doesn’t work at all.
Like I said, use the search function on this forum if you want to know the details why it isn’t integrated natively yet.
For your convenience:“google%20home”

There are two (or well, almost three) ways to do this today. All of them utilizes MQTT (MQTT Client and MQTT Hub apps).

  1. You don’t need additional hardware but need to subscribe to the service gBridge.
    Guide to Connecting gBridge to Homey for Google Assistant

  2. You need to run Home Assistant or openHAB on a secondary device (RPi/Synology NAS/computer) and then configure your own broker and connect Homey to it and HA / openHAB to it and set them up correctly. Then you can connect either HA or openHAB to Google Home.

  3. This is being worked on by Athom (code/app awaiting approval from google as far as we know) and will probably work natively in the near future. But it could take time also, we just don’t know at the moment.

  1. Create a routine in your assistant and use that. Nothing to subscribe, nothing to buy, nothing to pay.

He’s tried to explain several times that this is not what he’s talking about but you just seem to refuse to listen.

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I’m trying to setup Homey with my Google Home Mini for a couple of days.

When I’m trying to my mini is saying: Homey is not responding, please try later.

If you say so. As i read it he first asked to be able to build routines with the devices that are connected to and hosted by Homey. Whether they are shown in Home or not, this is one of the ways to do it,. No extra hardware or interface needed, no costs to be made.

The second question was “how do i make the devices show in Home”. That’s done via the 3 answers you gave.

Thanks i will look in to that.

I also edited my first question to avoid confusion.

When I try to connect my Homey with Google Home I get the message “Homey isn’t supported on this device”. I live in Belgium, use an iPhone X, all settings/apps/Google Home mini/Homey/… are in English. Can anyone help me?

Are you sure you ask directly to the Google Home or Mini to talk to Homey and not via your iPhone?

And what does the Google Assistant say? The Assistant like stated in the opening post?

Ehh, like in the shot: “Homey isn’t supported on this device”. :innocent:
At least, it appears to be a shot from his mobile screen…:thinking:

A shot from Google Home yes, not the Assistant.
Ow wait, scheel gekeken.

Even if you’re in the Google Home app on your mobile, it acts and behaves like Google Assistant with some extra screens for Google Home.

Hi Peter & Roco

Thanks for your feedback! I did that too (talk to Google home mini directly), but then it says I need to set it up in the app :-/…?

And can u tell us what happens when u click this link and choose the send to button?

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If the link Rocodamelshe supplied you somehow doesn’t work you should try below.

Say “Let me talk to Homey” to your Google Home device. Then open the Google Home app on your phone and open the “browse” section (press the square with a triangle in it). There should be a link shown in reply to your request. If you click that link it should redirect you to a page where you can connect your Athom account to Google Home.