Google Home connect not working

When I want to add Homey to Google Home, I get the following error message:

The parameter “state” must be set in the query string.

Help pls.

Which Homey

2023 early.
It worked fine until now.

OK. So, it already was working, but it stopped amd now you’re trying to add Homey to GH again?
Sometimes you just have to wait for several hours and try again.

BUT, searching for the error msg

I found this similar issue and possible fix below.

  1. Open up Google Home Account linked page (a.k.a. “works with Google’” and un-link Homey
  2. Reboot Homey (unplug it for a few minutes)
  3. Reboot phone
  4. Now you can start adding Homey to GH again.

Thanks Peter!
In the meantime, I found out the reason for the error:
Unfortunately, my English is poor, so the automatic translation was turned on on the web pages. This caused confusion. The connection works when set to English.

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Ah, it’s always better to find out yourself :wink:
Automation can be a blessing and a pain, like auto-translate is :grin: