Google home

Hi! My link between Google home and homey stopped working. Have restarted homey. Tried to link to homey again but get the message “Error updating the connection, please check the connection”
Haven’t done anything so why can’t Google home connect to my homey?

I have the same problem, i was adding some devices to google and it stoped working and cant create a lunk to Homey again. A Guy on a Swedish Facebook group have the same problem.

Same problem here.

Got it to working again. This time I could reconnect to homey

Had the same problem , PTP (pull the plug) steems to solve the issue.

for me it help to disable and enable the syncronisation in the preferences. Sometimes it is suddenly disabled and I dont know why

I think it was/is a google problem. It’s working again now, but I still notice it’s slower than before.
My Foscam-account stopped working also and I’m unable to add it again…