Google calendar event then light xx on

Searched the forum but can not find the solution yet.
I have the following “problem”
If an event occurs in the google calendar then switch on bulb buitenlamp.
To be specific if shift named “B” is found today in the google calendar switch buitenlamp on at 22:00 till 23:30
If shift named “A” is found today in the google calendar play sonos radio2 stream at sonos keuken from 06:00 till 07:00

I looked at ifttt but cannot find an example.

Maybe this app can help you:

Tomm, tried that earlier (forgot to mention it) can not get it to work yet

Thanks, to Jan Willem

I Can’t download that iCalander app. My Homey software is not compatible. Is the app out of date?
I have a brand new Homey (early 2019), automatic updates is activated en there are no updates available for my Homey.

You marked it well! but no, i didn’t. stupid stupid stupid! :crazy_face:
the Beta works! thank you.

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Shame shame shame still not compatible and nowhere the beta button to be found :disappointed: