Gledopto problem

I have installed the Gledopto app for my GL-S-004Z RGB/CCT MR16 en GL-S-005Z RGB/CCT MR16 spots.
The problem is that the GL-S-005Z would be installed as a GL-S-004 spot, and the GL-S-004 as a GL-S-004 (that’s not a problem).
Next problem is that the developper of the app says that the GL-S-004 is a WW/CW GU10 spot.
The difference between these spots (the 004 and 005) is the angel of the light bundel, 30 degrees and 120 degrees.
Both are RGB/CCT MR 16 spots, and Homey thing they are WW/CW.
I tried to contact the developper Marco Ruiter but it’s impossible to reach him.
Are there more users with the same problem?